Why North East is Completely Different From Rest Of The India?

Why North East is Completely Different From Rest Of The India?


One thing is absolutely common among all the people who haven't experienced the magnificence of Northeast India and that is the question of 'What's so great about Northeast?’ Well, it's the question that is being raised by many people and the best answer for it is the north east travel agents, who assure you to provide the opportunity to witness a truly mesmerizing natural and cultural beauty of Northeast India.

The enthralling highlights of Northeast for travel seekers


The best way to get the most fun at northeast during the holidays is by covering up the main featured highlights of the area and they are as follows:


The Incredible Natural Charm

The natural beauty of northeast clearly wakes up the travel seekers from their dreams. The mesmerizing waterfalls, green hills, rivers and forests remain in the heart and memories of the travellers once it is visited. The natural attractions like Elephant Falls, Umiam Lake, Ziro Valley, Brahmaputra Basin, Dzukou Valley, Nuranang Falls, Majuli Island etc are like the shimmering natural treasures of Northeast.


The Elegant Culture

After the natural beauty, the cultural richness of Northeast is admired by all the travellers. Northeast follows some of the most amazing and unique tradition of the country. The culture of this area can be seen in all three phases of life - birth, marriage and death. They speak their own local language and wears the traditional dresses on some special occasions. There are about 220 ethnic tribes in Northeast following their own religious traditions.


The Favourable Climate

All the Northeastern states provide comfortable weather for the people throughout the best holiday seasons. This part of India is loved by all the travel enthusiasts and the climatic condition is one of the main things that stretches them towards the Northeast. The Northeastern part of the country receives sub-tropical climate, experiencing humid summer, severe monsoon and mild winter.


Popular Festivals

The festivals of Northeast are another thing that differences the region from other parts of India. The festivals showcase the excellent ancient traditions, artistic abilities, occasional colours & happiness added with the most unique folk or tribal dances. The Hornbill, Ziro, Bihu, Wangala, Chapchur Kut, Kharchi Puja and Yaosang are the main festivals of Northeast India which is celebrated like the biggest carnival of the world.


These are major reasons that indicate the elegance of Northeast from any other parts of India. Apart from the natural and cultural charm, festivals and climates, others things like worthy travel experience including adventure activities, comfortable staying facilities and authentic local foods managed by the north east travel agents are the other highlighting features of Northeast.  

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