Untarnished Essence Of North East

Untarnished Essence Of North East


You may know about the cultural part of Northeast India, isn't it the most unique tradition of the country? As we all also know that the main reason behind the development of tourism in Northeast is the treasure nature, yes it’s true but what about the elegant culture which the travellers dreams to experience during the visit. Directly or indirectly the Northeastern culture has also played a huge role in the tourist attraction and among the culture, the festivals are the most loved one. The words are less to describe the powerful and colourful Northeastern occasions as it connects all the citizens.

Wrap yourself in the Northeastern festivals 

The festivals here are like the carnival and if you get the opportunity to experience it with the support of north east travel agents then, consider yourself a lucky one. Here goes the list of some of the most popular festivals celebrated in Northeast India-

Bihu Event, Assam

The Bihu event is known as the biggest festival of Assam which is an Assamese New Year. This festival is locally known as Bohag Bihu and celebrated thrice a year named Rongali Bihu or Bohag, Kongali Bihu or Kaati and Bhogali Bihu or Maagh. The Bihu dancing is performed and Assamese delicacies are prepared during the occasion of Bihu event in Assam.

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland

The hornbill festival highlights the superb tribal culture of Nagaland. This is known as the most popular festival in Northeast India which was named after the highly admired bird of the state. The hornbill festival highlights the rich cultural heritage of 16 tribes along with flaunting dances, folk songs and crafts skills.

Wangala Festival, Meghalaya

The Wangala festival is celebrated every year in the second week of November by the famous Garo tribe of Meghalaya. This festival is celebrated after the harvesting in the state honoring Misi Salijong. The old or ancient rituals are followed while celebrating this festival, the ritual is proceeded by the main principal of the tribe which also includes the offerings of cooked rice, vegetables and brewed beer.

Myoko Festival, Arunachal Pradesh

This traditional festival in Arunachal Pradesh is celebrated on a rotational basis. It is mainly celebrated in three communities-Ziro– Diibo-Hija, Hari-Bulla, and Hong of Apatani plateau. This tradition in the festival includes fertility, success, purification and sacrifice carried out with belief on the village witch doctor. Many interesting folk performances are involved in Myoko festival.

Other festivals like Losar, Dree Festival, Moatsu Mong, Anthurium, Nongkrem Dance Festival etc can be experienced like never before with the help of north east travel agents. You only get one chance to live up your dream then, why not fulfill the dream of exploring the Northeastern culture starting with festivals.

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