The Local's Guide to Seafood in the Andaman

The Local's Guide to Seafood in the Andaman


Wedged on the southern part of the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is one of the most prominent tourist destinations that attract its visitors with stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife. However, if you have been planning to visit Andaman, one thing you should not miss is the delectable cuisine, the island offers. Booking your trip with the best tour operator in Andaman is the best way to explore the rich cuisine of this place. From finding the best dining joints to witnessing the nearby attractions they will ensure to make your trip memorable.

Being an island, seafood is a major part of the Andamanese cuisine that is offered in various forms. There are multiple street shops and restaurants that serve some of the best sea foods, from spicy grilled prawns to lip-smacking lobster rolls, this restaurant are sure you tantalize your taste buds with a wide range of food items. This blog will inform you about some of the best sea foods of Andaman along with the best palace to immerse in a memorable dining experience.

Foods of Andaman

The Andaman Islands apart from scenic beauty are widely known for their offering of a wide array of tantalizing food dishes. If you love beaches and want to relish the range of authentic seafood, Andaman can be the best option for you. With over 300 islands in the Andaman region, each of them offers a distinct taste in its cuisine made in a unique way. Although the majority of the dishes include seafood and fish, there are numerous restaurants and dining joints that offer foods from continental and international cuisines. Although seafood foods are the gem of this place, there are numerous options for vegetarians as well that are prepared in authentic ways.

Some of the popular foods of Andaman include:

Fish Curry

Fish is one of the most common food ingredients of Andaman that are widely served in various forms, tastes and textures. Fish curry is one such dish that is made in a traditional way using local ingredients and spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala

One of the most loved food dishes of Indian cuisine, Chicken Tikka Masala with its rich flavours, smooth texture and appetizing look is a gem of Andamanese cuisine. They are served with gravy texture making it ideal to eat with naan and rice.

Coconut Prawn Curry

Coconut prawn curry is the signature dish of Andaman made from coconut milk, prawn along with a mixture of herbs and local spices. Freshly cooked prawn curry services with steaming rice are as good as they sound.

Grilled Lobsters

Lobsters are the king of seafood, and grilled lobsters are one of the most loved seafoods on this island. Although the food dish is full of spices, the natural sweets of the lobster meat go perfectly with the richness of the dish.

Squid Fry

Squid is a type of octopus that is considered to be a common food dish in Andaman. Deep-fried and sauteed with dry spices is one of the most popular evening snacks in this place.

Guide to Authentic Foods

You also consider contacting local tour agencies that can help you offer affordable Andaman tour packages. They can also help you find some of the best food joints located all over the city. The city of Andaman offers a variety of food options, while some offer modern restaurant-style foods some local street shops offer food dishes in a traditional way. Following is a food guide that can help you choose the best food options so that you can experience the best food delicacies of Andaman.

Street Foods

Whether you are on a short evening walk or have a midnight craving, these street food stalls are there to offer you a range of exciting dishes. From deep-fried prawns to spicy bamboo chicken, each of these foods is sure to fulfil your cravings.

Local Beach Eateries

These are considered to be the food paradise for the lovers of seafood in the Andaman, located on the beaches these food shops offer freshly prepared seafood items caught by the locals that are widely admired by the tourists.

Home-Style Cooking

At Andaman, you can also find numerous homestays that offer the true delicacy of the Andamanese cuisine prepared in authentic ways. Here you can relish the traditional dishes of Andaman accompanied by the warmth of hospitality.

Fine-Dining Restaurant

The island also includes numerous restaurants that serve a range of delectable food options from Indian as well as international cuisines. With a pleasant atmosphere and beautifully designed interiors, these restaurants offer you a fine dining experience.

Food and cuisine are one of the major segments of the Andaman Islands that not only allow you to experience true flavours but also connect with the traditions of the place. Booking your tour with the best tour operator in Andaman can help you explore the true beauty of the island along with suggesting you best food joints located all over the place. From an exciting range of food delicacies to a range of lip-smacking seafood, Andaman is a tropical paradise.

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