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The New Year Unfolds with SATTE, one of the leading B2B Travel Trade in South East Asia from 08th to 10th January 2020 that was held at the Indo Expo Mart Noida. Like the previous SATTE events, this year too, the three-day occasion was brimming with the participation of travel, tourism and hospitality professionals from all over, with 1,100 exhibitors and co-exhibitors, along with representation from over 50 countries and 104 Indian cities. The occasion was attended by over 35,000 travel and tourism professionals, while hosting 200 International Buyers and 500+ Indian buyers



It was indeed a great opportunity for Clubside Tours & Travels to set up a stall for the event yet again and showcase our range of programs on cultural, adventure and special interest tours for our areas of operation - West Bengal, Sikkim, Northeast, Bhutan and The Andaman Islands.


Sunderban is an intricate tangle of mangrove trees and waterways marking the area where land meets the sea and freshwater meets seawater that stretches down the coastline of India and Bangladesh. It is a delta of the two great Indian Rivers, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra which congregate on the Bengal basin. Sunderban gets its name from the Sundari trees that offer valuable fuel to the inhabitants of the area.  The park was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1985 after it became a wildlife sanctury in May 1984 and in 1977, it was designated as the core area of Sunderban Tiger Reserve. 
This distinctive and precisely balanced environment is flourished with wildlife in abundance and is abode to a large number of mammals, birds and fish and is primarily recognized as the stomping ground and kingdom of the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers. The Sunderban National Park draws out in an area of approximately 1,355kms. The best time to vist Suderban is during the month of May, September and the winter months when you are most likely to get a glimpse of the powerful Royal Bengal Tigers sun-bathing on the river banks.  Apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, other chief wildlife species found in this park are Macaques, Indian Grey Mongoose, Leopards, Ridley Sea Turtle, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Fox, Flying Fox, Fishing Cats, Chital, Pangolin and many more.
A visit to the Sunderban is indeed a worthwhile treat as one gets to connect with the remarkable natural beauty and mangrove surroundings of nature. There are boat rides that take you across the river to enjoy a lovely nature walk where you witness the diverse cultural adventures and experience close encounter with tigers that will make your trip a memorable one. The chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees and the drumming of crickets relaxes your mind and fills you with new energy and enthusiasm to explore more of this unique and natural wonder.


Sunderban Tiger Camp is an eco camp with a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Break away from your television, newspapers, Internet and cell phones and enjoy this blissful slice of heaven. Under the flagship property of Waxpol Hotels and Resorts, Sunderban Tiger Camp was established in 2004 and is situated right across the Sunderban National Park that has the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world t and harbors a large variety wildlife species and is an eminent Tiger Reserve. The Camp initially emerged with tented accommodation for guests which led to the present name, The Sunderban Tiger Camp. The Camp takes pride for being the first jungle resort in the region and functions imperatively in providing sustainable wildlife tourism in the National Park. It has been certified by TOFT as a quality accommodation. With the absence of electricity and fresh water, the eco-friendly lodge is sensitive to the island’s ecology by effectively using solar energy and rainwater harvesting. 
The resort is tastefully designed and manifests the local culture and essence of the region. There are 21 well-appointed rooms that are furnished with locally sourced materials and absorb elements of the natural surroundings and local traditions. These 21 rooms comprise of different types of accommodation such as, Executive Cottages, Executive Rooms, Deluxe Cottages, Non Air-conditioned Cottages and Huts. 
The restaurant is called The Fisherman’s Wharf that serves a selection of local and international cuisine on request and makes use of locally sourced ingredients in full measure. The comfortable rooms offer spectacular views of the lagoon and the picturesque resort landscape. The interiors reflect the essence of the indegenous culture as they have been hand-painted by the local artists and the furniture has been made by the local craftsmen using local materials. 
There are a number of recreational activities at the resort which the guests can choose from and they are suitable for all age groups like Dingy Boat Ride, Bonobibi Temple visit, Pool Table, Library, Indoor/Outdoor games, Wildlife Movie, Cultural Dance, Bonobibi Jatra, Bonfire during winter. 
There are some interesting adventure and experiential activities that are organized by the Resort for the guests to enjoy the nature and wildlife thriving in the Sunderban National Park. Here are some activities especially curated and designed for adventure lovers.

Wildlife Boat Safari

A thrilling boat safari takes you from island to island to explore the flora, fauna, avifauna and reptiles of  Sunderban. This joyride could vary from 2 hours to 11 hours depending on the kind of cruise one has booked. 

Nature Walks

Nature walks can be organized in the early mornings or late evenings for those who love to plunge into the vicinity of Sunderban’s nature like the mangrove plantations, farms, villages and areas outside the National Park that have popular bird watching locations.

Honey Collection Tour

The Sunderban Tiger Camp organizes Honey Collection Tours every year between April and June that allow guests to observe the honey collectors (Maualis) in action who enter the forest and harvest honey and beeswax for their livelihood as they obtain a weekly allowance from the Forest Department. 

Anthropological and Cultural Tours

Anthropological and Cultural Tours are organized by the Resort and is a fantastic way of understanding the cultural aspect of the local people, their religious beliefs, how they came into existence and settled in the area, their source of income, etc., by interacting with the local villagers and tribesmen.

Birdwatching Tour

Sunderban National Park is indeed a paradise for bird-watching enthusiasts. The park is home to over 230 species of birds.

Cookery lessons

Cookery lessons are organized to offer a unique culinary experience that showcases the local regional cuisine made using indigenous produce. 

Houseboat Stay

A night’s stay at the houseboat offers a unique experience to enjoy the tranquility of the park, together with the sound of the jungle that comes alive at night. The MV Oceanus is part of the luxury cruiser that is equipped with all the essential amenities.

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