The Mandatory Things To Include in Your Meghalaya Bucket List

The Mandatory Things To Include in Your Meghalaya Bucket List


Meghalaya, the dwelling of clouds and the beautiful state ofblooming tourism is definitely in your travel list. Plan your trip with the best travel agents in North East. Here are some must visit places that you must not miss.

Walk to the Double Decker Root Bridges of Nongriat

The Double Decker Root Bridges are world-famous and this is often a must-stop within the state of Meghalaya. The trek here will take you a short time as its 3000 steps each way, but it’s totally worthwhile for the views you’ll get. You’ll be heading right down to the local village of Nongriat and, if you've got the time, it isrecommendedto stay down there for a while. That way, you'll see more of the natural wonders there just like the Rainbow Falls. These bridges are natural as they're completely made from roots. The most fascinating thing about the place is the bridge that needs no renovation, no rebuilding and it only strengthens with time.

Waterfalls in Cherrapunjee straight from the clouds

Cherrapunjee is officially referred to as the wettest place on planet Earth because it sees the very best percentage of rainfall within the world. That is the reason explained behind Meghalaya called as the abode of clouds. Within the monsoon season from May to July, there'll be an abundance of waterfalls to ascertain but you'll experience nothing but rain. In high season they're still beautiful though. The Kalikai falls of Cherrapunji is one of the most mesmerizing sightseeing there.

Waters of Dawki: As clear as crystal

If you would like to explore the clear water lake then you'll get to head near the border of Bangladesh to Dawki. The boats appear as if they’re floating on air the water is so clear. To urge here from Charrapunjee,you can hire a sharing car or private taxi with the help of travel agents in North East.

Catchy streets and bazaars of Shillong

Once you’ve come down from the heavenly paradise that's Cherrapunjee, you ought to head to the town of Shillong. The capital city boasts of lit-up streets. Shop and stroll around the police bazaar with some exquisite items at unbelievable prices. Head into the bustling Bazaars and grab some local handicrafts, interesting fruits and everyone kind of other bargains.

Do not miss the blossom season of Shillong

In the middle of November, it’s blossom season within the city of Shillong. There, make sure you stick around the Scotland of the East during the pinkie floral season. All the roads and trees are going to be filled with pink blossoms which are effortlessly picturesque.

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