Explore The Best Beaches In Andaman To Witness Vibrant Corals

Explore The Best Beaches In Andaman To Witness Vibrant Corals


Corals are one of the most fascinating marine invertebrates that can be found in the deep or shallow water of the ocean. The best place in India where you can witness some of the most colorful species of corals is Andaman. This archipelago is well-known for being the richest place of coral diversity with around 179 species. 

If you’re willing to engage in some thrilling adventure sports to witness colorful corals then you must contact one of the reputed Andaman tour operators. The tour operators will provide you with the best tour package considering your travel needs, comfort, and safety. 

Let’s discover some of the best beaches in Andaman to spot beautiful and vibrant corals. 

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman, which is also a heaven for water sports. You can reach this beach by trekking through the dense forests or by taking a boat ride. 

After reaching the beach you can see lush greenery and tall trees all around with white sands. You won’t find any hard corals here but one can indulge in a thrilling snorkelling experience to spot some vibrant hued soft corals and rich marine life.

Bharatpur Beach 

Bharatpur is one of the best locations in Andaman to witness corals and this is why it is also often called the coral kingdom or capital of the island. This stunning beach is situated on Neil Island, which can easily be reached by availing of a ferry from Havelock Island. 

The shallow waters in the beach don’t contain any corals but as you snorkel towards the deep water, you will find an abundance of soft and hard corals. You can take a boat from the beach to reach the deeper dive areas.

Red Skin Island Beach

Red Skin Island Beach is a paradise for coral lovers in the Andaman Islands. This island is surrounded by stunning-toned corals, turquoise blue water, and sparkling white sand. 

If you’re experiencing thalassophobia, then you can participate in a glass boat ride here. The submerged view of the corals from the boat looks amazing. You can consult the best travel agency in Andaman to enjoy this amazing experience. 

North Bay Island Beach

North Bay Island or Coral Island has one of the best beaches to spot some amazing corals and rich marine life. This beach can easily be reached by availing of a jetty from Port Blair. 

Apart from snorkelling and scuba diving to see the corals, you can also indulge in sea walking to spot colorful marine creatures such as blue-spotted stingrays, dolphins, and pufferfish.

Kalipur Beach 

You can also enjoy an abundance of hard and soft coral reefs in Kalipur Beach, which can be reached by taking a bus from Port Blair. The high water visibility on this beach also makes it a dream spot to see the coral colonies perfectly. The volcanic grey-colour sand that you can find here is also unique. 

You can book an appointment with the best DMC for Andaman so that you can share your interest in spotting corals. The experienced agents of the DMC will do their best to find the ideal beaches in Andaman to gift you an amazing experience of seeing multi-coloured corals.

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