Discover The Best Historical Sites in Andaman

Discover The Best Historical Sites in Andaman


Andaman Island is a group of 300 islands in the Bay of Bengal. The palm-dotted beaches, adventure activities, clear forests, thrilling adventure activities, and tropical rainforests make Andaman a great place to visit. Along with the beautiful beaches and panoramic view, Andaman is also rich in colonial past and historical attractions. 

If you’re interested in knowing the interesting past of India during British rule then Andaman is one of the best places to explore. You can contact a tour operator in Andaman for including all the popular historical sites in your travel itinerary. 

Given below are some of the most popular historical sites in Andaman. 

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island also known as the Ross Island is situated 2km away from Port Blair. This island holds huge historical significance since it faced massive brutality during the British era and several bombings during the Second World War. 

Some of the activities that you can do here include exploring the ruins of old colonial buildings, visiting the seashore for some quality time, and going through the sanctuary and man caves built by the prisoners for the British. 

Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail also called Kala Pani is a colonial prison constructed by the Britishers in Port Blair to exile the Indian prisoners. This jail will give you a perfect reminder of the struggles faced by the Indian freedom fighters which is indeed a vital part of Indian history. 

While visiting the jail, you can witness the architecture with 693 solitary cells spread throughout the seven wings. The architecture of the jail with no possible communication is perfect evidence of the cruelty done by the Britishers. Here you can also observe the informational light and sound show. 

The Param Vir Chakra Memorial

The Param Vir Chakra Memorial is situated in the Marina Park of Port Blair. This is a must-visit destination in Andaman to recognize Indian history. This memorial has been dedicated by Lieutenant Governor Lt Gen A K Singh to all the 21 awardees of the Param Veer Chakra for their sacrifice for saving the motherland.

While visiting this place, you can stroll through the pictures and information of the 21 awardees. You can also visit the marina park for exploring various beautiful marine creatures. You can book the best tour operator in Port Blair for exploring these historical sites comfortably. 

Japanese Bunkers

Japanese Bunkers are another popular historical site in Andaman where you can observe the dark stories of the struggle of the freedom fighters during independence, foreign invasion, and world war. 

These bunkers were built during the years of 1942 for accommodating the Japanese armies. While visiting the bunkers, you can also explore the forest museum and Corbyn Cove beach. 


Viper Island

Viper Island is a popular place in Port Blair which is well-known for the Viper Island Jail. You can still hear the cries of the Indian freedom fighters in this jail. It currently consists of two buildings, one is the gallows where the prisoners were hanged and the other is the red building. 

You can book an affordable tour operator in Andaman to explore the most prominent historical attractions that hold huge importance and the history of the British era. Apart from the historical sites, Andaman also has other beautiful things to offer such as turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches, water sports, and natural beauty. 

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