A Quaint Town Surrounded By Rolling Hills

A Quaint Town Surrounded By Rolling Hills



The charms of the destination are the main thing that fascinates the holiday tour. Throughout the year you might be working really hard in your respective work but every now or then the feeling of vacation might have surely arise in your mind. Well in this case scenario you surely skip it and carry on what you are doing but when you do this make sure that you've made a mess out of it. It is because you'll not be able to pick right decisions during the time of vacation, an early choice of vacation destination fascinates the entire journey which is why you need a north east tour operators to explore the beautiful Shillong.


The Awesomeness Of Shillong

Everyone knows about the waterfalls, green forests and the rolling hills located outside the main city of Shillong but there are also several other attraction inside the city which are quite underrated.

Shillong Peak

Although this popular viewpoint is located 10 km south of the main city, still it can be included as part of the Shillong city because of the view that it offers. It gives a terrific view of the entire Shillong city which is also a perfect photography spot located at an elevation of 1962 metres.

Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures is the famous museum in Shillong that gloriously highlights the rich and multi-cultural lifestyles of the ancient peoples in Northeast India. Developing the spirit of peace among people with different cultures is the main aim of this museum.

Ka Phang Nonglait Park

It is the famous park in the capital which is known for the refreshing and serene environment. Here the visitors can see the green beauty all around and the presence of wildlife and the flowers makes it more pleasant and special to explore during the visit to Shillong city.

Lady Hydari Park

Lady Hydari Park is the one of the main tourist spot which is located at the main heart of the city. This famous garden is built in the Japanese style and the name of this park was given after the erstwhile first lady when the British used to rule India.

Botanical Garden

This is the perfect place to look at the amazing green beauty as the garden is surrounded by many flowers and trees. It is best to spend some time with family members and to relish the refreshing air like never before. This Botanical garden of Shillong is the home to more than 1331 orchid species.


Include these famous attractions of Shillong with north east tour operators which are the pride of the town surrounded by the enchanting green hills.

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