7 Must-Visit Sightseeing Attractions In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

7 Must-Visit Sightseeing Attractions In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya


Meghalaya or the Scotland of the East is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the North East, which is well-known for its dramatic terrain and rich tradition. If you’re visiting this north-eastern state then you must consider exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Cherrapunji. 

Cherrapunji or Sohra is enlisted as one of the wettest places in India, which is visited by a huge number of tourists every year due to the mesmerizing natural beauty, spectacular caves, waterfalls, and root bridges. You can contact a reputed north east tour operator to arrange a tour to this dreamy town of Meghalaya. 

Let’s explore the sightseeing attractions in Cherrapunji that you must visit during your vacation in Meghalaya. 

1. Double-Decker Root Bridge

One of the best places to visit in Cherrapunji for nature lovers is the Living Root Bridges, which are the perfect combination of nature and human innovation. Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge is the most popular bridge here that can be reached through a small trek through dense forests. 

2. Krem Mawmluh

To attain a unique holiday experience, you must discover the charm and beauty of Krem Mawmluh. Krem Mawmluh is a natural cave made with various rock and stalagmite formations. Various rivers passing through the cave and the mesmerizing backdrop of forests here will surely amaze you.

3. Seven Sisters Waterfalls

One of the main attractions of Cherrapunji is the Seven Sisters Waterfalls or Nohsngithiang Waterfalls. During your visit to this picturesque waterfall, you can witness seven streams of water flowing through the lush green mountain. Witnessing this natural wonder from the viewpoint is a remarkable experience. 

4. Mawsmai Cave

If you want to indulge in cave exploration in the Northeast then the Mawsmai caves are the ideal destination for you. This is considered the longest caves in the country, where you can indulge in photography, trekking, and nature walks. You must contact the top tour operators for North east to explore these natural wonders of Cherrapunji. 

5. Khasi Monoliths

The north-eastern region of India is filled with varying cultures and tribal communities. Khasi Monoliths is the perfect reflection of one of such tribal communities in Cherrapunji called Khasi. Exploring these well-maintained monoliths will enable you to attain the unique heritage of the region. 

6. Thangkharang Park

The Thangkharang Park in Cherrapunji is another popular sightseeing attraction, where you can spend some relaxing time with your friends and family. The rock resembling Shivling and the three-tiered Kynrem Falls are the other spots that you can explore from the park. This park is also famous because of the panoramic view of the landscapes of Bangladesh. 

7. Mawkdok Dympep Valley View

A recommended stopover on your way to Cherrapunji is Mawkdok Dympep Valley View. This viewpoint is the best place to click some amazing pictures of the lush green verdant valleys and mountain ranges. During monsoons, you can also witness the clouds floating around this place. 

Cherrapunji can surely be considered a paradise on earth due to its natural beauty, exotic culture, and thunderous waterfalls. You can book a tour package by contacting the best North east tour operator to discover all the attractions of Cherrapunji while creating lifelong memories and attaining inner peace. 

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