7 Amazing Unknown Facts About The Andaman Islands

7 Amazing Unknown Facts About The Andaman Islands


Andaman is one of the most famous locations in India among tourists who are craving a coastal vacation. This Indian archipelago is blessed with a diverse ecosystem and stunning beaches, where you can spend some quality time away from the tech-savvy world. The natural beauty and remote islands that you can see here will surely leave you amazed. 

If you want to plan the first trip of the year to this island then you can contact the best tour operator in Andaman. The tour operator will consider your budget and travel desires to offer you a perfect itinerary by including comfortable accommodation, transportation, and sightseeing facilities. 

Here are some of the amazing facts about the Andaman Islands that are unknown to many people. 

1. Andaman is home to the isolated Sentinel Tribe

Most tourists visit Andaman to explore the offbeat and virgin islands but there are also certain islands here that are banned for the tourists as well as the local people. One such island is North Sentinelese Island, which is home to the Sentinel Tribe known for being the most isolated community with no connection with the outside world. 

2. You can see coconut crabs on the islands 

Another fact that you must know about Andaman is that the largest land-living arthropod across the globe lives here. The coconut crabs or robber crabs can be noticed here while exploring the islands. The best location to spot these arthropods is South Sentinel Island during November and May. 

3. Andaman is home to the only active volcano in South Asia 

Andaman is also home to the only active volcano in South Asia. The first eruption of this volcano was recorded in 1787 and till now it is confirmed as an active volcano. To witness the breathtaking view of the volcano, you can take a ferry to Barren Island by contacting the best travel agency in Andaman. 

4. You can spot the world’s largest sea turtle here

The Leatherback is considered the largest sea turtle in the world. This amazing species can also be spotted during your trip to Andaman. You can plan your trip to Diglipur beach between December and January to witness large flocks of these turtles nesting on the beach. 

5. Andaman is blessed with a rich history

While exploring the stunning landscapes, dense forests, and beautiful beaches of Ross Island, you can also spot some colonial ruins. These ruins hold great historical resemblance since this island was the headquarters for the Japanese as well as the British during the Second World War. 

6. You cannot visit the Nicobar Islands 

Another important fact that should be known about Andaman is that you are not allowed to explore the Nicobar Islands. The government has banned the entry of local people and tourists in the Nicobar Islands to respect the feelings and protect the tribal communities residing there.

7. You can witness vibrant species of butterflies here  

The rich popularity of vibrant butterflies is another unknown fact about Andaman. To spot some of the most beautiful species of butterflies, you can explore the Mount Harriet National Park which is known for its butterfly diversity. The Andaman Crow is the largest and most famous butterfly that can be spotted here. 

To know more about the traditions, customs, and way of living, you have to explore all the historical monuments, sightseeing locations, and local villages of Andaman. You can seek the guidance of a reputed tour operator in Andaman to make the trip comfortable and safe.

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