5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Andaman

5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Andaman


Surrounded by a turquoise Blue Ocean, dancing palm trees, white sandy beaches, and corals, Andaman is one of the most sought-after destinations among visitors. The Tropical Paradise houses almost 300 islands where some of these are a hub for tourism, and others are left unexplored.

Numerous tourists visit this land every year, from kids to adults and from honeymoon travelers to backpackers, this island offers everything for all. Book your handpicked tour package from the best Andaman tour operator and get 24x7 assistance. Enjoy seamless travel and a hassle-free vacation amidst the tranquil ambiance of Andaman.

Although the island houses several destinations to explore, this reading gives an insight into the most beautiful places you can visit in this region.

Cellular Jail

The three-storeyed building, the Cellular Jail is one of the most attractive destinations in Andaman. The jail echoes the story of plenty of freedom fighters who were tormented in this jail. The historical site is now a National Memorial Monument which houses a museum, an Art Gallery, and a Photo Gallery.

Havelock Island

One of the primary destinations in Andaman is Havelock Island. The unmatched natural beauty of this region is a striking contrast of verdant greenery, sandy beaches, and a wide ocean body. The largest island is a must-visit destination housing two important beaches, Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach.

Mount Harriet National Park

This sightseeing peak is best to visit with tour operator Andaman as they can guide you with all necessary information of this region. The famous attraction of this place is the Lighthouse View and the rare flora and fauna which were deemed extinct. The region is also a butterfly paradise housing a wide variety of butterflies.

Neil Island

Neil Island is another scenic natural paradise that is easily accessible from Port Blair. While visiting this island, one can engage in several adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boat rides. Watching the stunning view of sunset and sunrise across the ocean while relaxing on the beach is a delightful sight to experience.

Ross Island

Ross Island carries a rich heritage of the British Legacy when India was under colonial rule. The island is located 2 km away from Port Blair and can be reached on a boat within 15 mins. It once was a commercial center of the British dotted with bazaars, stores, bakeries, churches, hospitals, and other prominent institutions.  

Andaman is visited by tourists from across the globe to rejuvenate themselves and experience tranquility amidst nature. Discover Andaman brimming with vibrant corals and magnificent islands, with the help of the best tour operator. Get an opportunity to swim with the colorful creatures underwater and experience the thrill.

The charm of this beautiful island attracts ample visitors throughout. To experience some mindfulness and capture its splendor visit Andaman. If you wish to experience a cost-effective  holiday, then Andaman is the right destination for you. The region, dotted with numerous luxury hotels, resorts, and cafes, offers a relaxed and delightful vacation to visitors.

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