5 Majestic Beaches In Andaman

5 Majestic Beaches In Andaman


Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a mesmerizing archipelago in the Bay of Bengal consisting of around 600 islands. This place is mostly famous for its rich colonial past, stunning islands, blue seas, thrilling water sports, and diverse flora and fauna. 

The beauty of Andaman also makes it a great place for tourists especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you’re planning to explore Andaman in your next vacation then you can contact a reputed travel agency in Port Blair. They will arrange the best itinerary so that you can have a peaceful and remarkable journey. 

Let’s explore some of the captivating and magical beaches in Andaman that you must visit on your Andaman trip. 

1. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman situated on Havelock Island. This island also has been awarded as the best beach several times because of its spectacular views, white sand and emerald blue waters. While visiting this beach, you must also explore Neil’s Cove which is a beautiful hidden lagoon. 

On this beach, you can indulge in witnessing gorgeous sunsets, swimming, or staying in lavish hotels. You can also discover magical bioluminescence plankton here which looks like glowing stars in the ocean. You can take a boat ride on a new moon night during monsoon to get the best views of the glowing plankton. 

Majestic Beaches in Andaman

2. Kalapathar Beach

The turquoise water, black rocks, lush green forests, and silky golden sand make Kalapathar Beach a must-visit place in Andaman. However, due to the presence of sharp black rocks swimming is prohibited here but you can relax across the shore and witness the breathtaking glimpses of the coastline. 

On this beach, you can also witness stunning views of the sunrise and sunrise while cherishing the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Sunbathing under the golden sunshine is another famous activity here. 

3. Elephant Beach 

Elephant Beach is also a popular beach in the Havelock Island of Andaman and if you’re someone who loves water sports then it is the best place for you. The green tropical forests and white sand with a pristine beach make it a perfect place for relaxing. 

Some of the popular activities on this beach are sea walks, speed boats, banana boats, jet skiing, glass bottom boat ride, parasailing, and snorkeling. You must consult the best travel agency in Andaman for adding this beach to your travel itinerary. 

4. Corbyns Cove Beach

Corbyns Cove is a well-developed beach in Port Blair, which is known for its various water sports, long coastline, watchtower, and Japanese bunkers. While visiting this beach you can indulge in speed boat rides, sea kart, parasailing, and Jet skiing. 

You can also cherish the mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset from the watchtower or shore of the beach. There are also wave restaurants where you can enjoy delicious eatables.

Majestic Beaches in Andaman

5. Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is situated in Neil Island where the shallow waters make it a great place for swimming and other water activities. However, as you go deep into the ocean you can witness various corals and rich marine life. 

You can make your entire trip to Andaman extremely convenient and hassle-free by booking a tour package from a reliable travel agency in Port Blair. Apart from the mentioned beaches, you can also add other majestic beaches in the tour package such as Wandoor, Vijaynagar, Sitapur, Baludera, and Butler Bay beach. 

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