5 Fascinating Waterfalls To Discover During Your Andaman Trip

5 Fascinating Waterfalls To Discover During Your Andaman Trip


Andaman is one of the most famous coastal vacation destinations in India. The colourful corals, white sand beaches, rich biodiversity, mangrove forests, delicious cuisines, and thrilling adventure sports are some of the factors that attract tourists here throughout the year. 

Apart from these attractions, Andaman is also blessed with some of the most beautiful waterfalls, which will surely leave you mesmerized. You can contact a tour operator in Andaman who can help you discover all the hidden gems of this Indian archipelago for an unforgettable experience. 

Let’s explore some of the stunning waterfalls in Andaman that you must visit on your next trip. 

1. Whisper Waves Waterfall

The Whisper Waver Waterfall is one of the fascinating waterfalls situated in a lush jungle. You can cover the tracks of wild forest to reach the spot and enjoy a stunning view. As you reach the spot, you will first see an area of the waterfall covered with green water. 

Swimming in this area is risky due to the presence of crocodiles in the water. The other part of the waterfall is safer to swim, which can be reached by climbing a few rocks.

2. Panchavati Waterfalls

Another hidden gem situated in the Rangat region of Andaman is Panchavati Waterfalls. As you walk through the dense forests, you can hear the sound of the gushing water from afar. 

If you’re not a hiking enthusiast, then you can dive into the pool situated at the base of the waterfall. Herein, hiking lovers can indulge in a thrilling walk to the top of the waterfall to witness a panoramic view of the nearby forests. 

3. Wimberley Gunj Waterfalls

If you’re exploring Port Blair then you must not forget to visit the stunning Wimberley Gunj Waterfalls. This hidden gem of Andaman is not yet visited by tourists and this allows you to trek through the trail while exploring diverse flora and fauna. 

Due to less popularity, you can see any proper directions on your way to the spot and this is why it is best to book an Andaman tour package so that the tour guide can assist you to the waterfall. 

4. Krishna Nallah Waterfalls

The Little Andaman Island is popular among the tourists due to the surfing opportunities. During your tour of this island, you can also explore the Krishna Nallah Waterfalls to experience a serene ambiance and mesmerizing natural beauty. 

The way toward the waterfall can be quite difficult due to the offbeat location but you can hire a local guide to explore the areas comfortably. This waterfall is a true paradise for all photographers, nature, wildlife, and trekking lovers. 

5. White Surf Waterfalls

Another waterfall that you can explore in Little Andaman is White Surf Waterfalls, which is situated near Hutbay Island. The serene sound of the flowing water with a perfect backdrop of lush green forests here looks magical. The Onge tribes live near this waterfall and you can interact with them to understand their lifestyle. 

If you’re visiting Andaman to experience a tranquil holiday then visiting these offbeat locations and waterfalls here is the best option. However, it is always a better idea to contact a tour operator in Andaman before planning to explore the dense forests of the islands.  

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