5 Amazing Locations In Andaman For Wildlife Enthusiasts

5 Amazing Locations In Andaman For Wildlife Enthusiasts


Andaman is a mesmerizing archipelago in India that offers an abundance of biodiversity, pristine beaches, turquoise blue waters, and adventure sports. This group of islands is not only a great destination for nature or adventure lovers but it can also be considered as a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. 

If you’re willing to enjoy a coastal vacation and spot diverse varieties of flora and fauna then you can contact the best dmc for Andaman. The dmc will ensure you have a smooth holiday experience with no stress of room booking, transfers, car rental, and sightseeing. 

Let’s explore some of the most amazing locations for wildlife enthusiasts that you can visit in Andaman. 

1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the major wildlife hotspots of Andaman, which was developed in 1983. This park includes 17 picturesque islands that possess rich biodiversity. The turtle breeding centre is the major attraction in this park, where you can see turtle hatchings. 

If you love spotting marine life then you can also indulge in snorkelling and scuba diving here. The wild animals that you can witness in the park include spotted deer, wild pig, civet, king cobra, and vibrant species of birds. 

2. Cuthbert Wildlife Sanctuary

Cuthbert Wildlife Sanctuary is well-known among tourists due to its natural beauty, scenic surroundings, and diverse biodiversity. This sanctuary is also visited by birdwatchers to spot various migratory and endemic birds such as sea eagle, woodpecker, and Andaman treepie. 

You can indulge in a thrilling trek here to witness rich vegetation, which is the main reason behind the varied wildlife. The wild animals that can be spotted here are horseshoe crabs, wild pigs, saltwater crocodiles, and water monitor lizards. 

3. Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet National Park is situated in Port Blair which is known for its natural beauty and historical significance. This park is not only famous among tourists due to its wildlife but also for the view of the mountain peaks. 

The reptiles that you can see here are olive ridley, king cobra, and turtles, where one can also spot various wild animals such as shrews, Andaman pigs, and bats. You can contact the best travel agency in Andaman to explore the mesmerizing landscapes of this wildlife hotspot. 

4. Baratang Island 

Baratang Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman, which is popular for its wildlife, beautiful beaches, and lush green forest areas. One of the most famous activities here is wildlife spotting since it is the home of spotted deer, birds, saltwater crocodiles, and Andaman pigs. 

One can also indulge in a boat ride or limestone cave exploration to know the best about this place. The mangrove forests on this island will also surely catch the attraction of nature lovers. 

5. Saddle Peak National Park 

Saddle Peak National Park is situated in the northern region of Andaman where one can spot various endangered species. Some of such species include water monitor lizards, wild pigs, imperial pigeons, and Andaman hill myna. You can also participate in a thrilling trek here to enjoy a picturesque view from the mountain peak. 

All the islands of Andaman can offer you a unique experience, where you can spot varied marine and wildlife species. You can contact the best dmc for Andaman to embark on an adventurous journey in Andaman while making the trip unforgettable. 

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