10 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Andaman Experience

10 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Andaman Experience


Get the required dosage of Vitamin D and reduce stress while relaxing in the cool sea air by arranging a beach vacation now. For a comfortable coastal holiday with your loved ones, you can plan an Andaman tour, which is a scattered island in the Bay of Bengal. You can contact a reputed DMC in Andaman who can take charge of all your travel requirements during your vacation. 

Andaman is surrounded by an untouched environment, natural beauty, turquoise blue water, and golden beaches. All of these elements ensure you a perfect holiday experience that will surely be filled with amazing experiences, adventures, sightseeing tours, and culinary experiences. 

Let’s discover some of the travel tips that you can follow to make your Andaman vacation experience unforgettable. 

1. Experience bioluminescence 

Most people don’t know about the magical night experience of Andaman which you can get by spotting bioluminescence. You can plan the trip during a full moon night to visit the Elephant, Radhanagar, and Kalapathar beaches of Havelock Island to witness a mesmerising view of glowing phytoplankton. 

2. Book a beach resort 

To make the most out of your Andaman trip, it is recommended to select a beach resort rather than a hotel. A beach resort can offer you a unique experience in the lap of nature where you can cherish the breathtaking beauty of the ocean throughout the day.

3. Travel between October and March 

October to March is considered the peak time to visit Andaman. It is always advised to plan your trip during this time by contacting a travel agency in Andaman to enjoy the pleasant weather. This time is not only perfect for sightseeing but also for thrilling adventure sports.

4. Try water-based adventures 

Your Andaman trip will be incomplete if you don’t try some exhilarating water sports. You can either visit Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair or arrange a trip to Havelock or Neil Island to try some amazing sports such as snorkelling, parasailing, sea walking, and surfing. 

5. Witness the mesmeric Light and Sound Show

Andaman holds great historical significance and to know more about its rich history, you must not forget to witness the Light and Sound Show in the Cellular Jail. This show reflects the sacrifices and struggles of the Indian freedom fighters.

6. Spot the diverse marine life 

The Andaman Islands are blessed with a diverse marine life. The vibrant corals, fishes, crabs, and turtles here will surely leave you amazed. To witness the marine life of this island, you can visit the Kalipur beach which is recognized as the coral beach of Andaman. 

7. Take a volcano tour  

You can also add a volcano tour to your itinerary while contacting a DMC for Andaman. Taking a tour of the Barren Island from Havelock will enable you to witness the only active volcano in the country where you can also enjoy sunbathing and spotting dolphins.  

8. Taste the delicious seafood 

Andaman is a paradise for foodies as one can try a variety of seafood delicacies here. You also shouldn’t miss visiting some local restaurants here to taste delicious dishes made with fresh prawns, crabs, lobsters, and fish. Tandoori fish is one of the favourite items that you will surely love here.

9. Discover the historical museums 

If you love to know about the rich culture, heritage, and biodiversity of a region, then it is advised to you to visit the museums in Andaman. Some of the museums that you can explore are Samudrika Naval Marine Museum, Forest Museum, and Zonal Anthropological Museum. 

10. Shop some authentic products 

Apart from picturesque views and relaxing experiences, Andaman is also a major shopping centre where you can buy some beautiful local products and souvenirs. Things that must be on your shopping list are pearl jewellery, wooden artefacts, shell ornaments, and coconut-carved home decorations. 

Planning your trip with the best DMC for Andaman not only saves you money and time but can also offer you in-depth knowledge about the place as they have great local expertise. So don’t waste any more time and book an Andaman tour package to embark on a remarkable holiday experience.

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