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The home of Nature and Wildlife

Facts about Dooars

State West Bengal
District Jalpaiguri
Famous for/as Wildlife
Languages Bengali, Hindi
Best Season Oct - Mar
Weather Summer 20-35°C, Winter 4-24°C

Lataguri is a small village that is situated in the state of West Bengal, in the district of Jalpaiguri. Lataguri is one of the villages that are located along the periphery of the Gorumara National Park. The village is one of the entry points of the park and one can visit the Nature Interpretation Center that is located here. You can get information on the various varieties of flora and fauna in the center. There are a few roadside dhabas that are situated in the village as well and these cater to the travelers.

You can obtain permits for entering in to the Gorumara National Park from the village of Lataguri. The national park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of the animals that can be seen here are elephants, rhinoceros, sambar deer, bison, gaur, hispid hare and leopard.

The Champramari National Park is also located nearby and permits for entering this place are also available at the Lataguri village. The park is located at a distance of around 30 kilometers from the village. The park is home to a small population of Bengal tigers. This is a haven for bird watchers as there are a wide variety of birds that can be seen here.

Sight seeing in Dooars


Rajabhatkhawa is a town that is situated in the Jalpaiguri district of the state of West Bengal. The town is surrounded by forests and it is set amidst a naturally beautiful setting. The village is the entry point of the Buxa Tiger reserve and all permits for entering the reserve have to be purchased at the town.

The town is a haven for bird watchers and there are several species of birds that can be seen around the town. The place is famous for its numerous trekking spots and many of them are through the forests of Buxa. The Buxa Fort is a can be reached on foot. The Buxadur Forest Bungalow provides accommodation for trekkers. The trek can be an exhilarating experience and youmay sight many different animals in their natural setting.

The town has a small bazaar and walking around this can be a good way to pick up some interesting souvenirs. You can also visit the Nature Interpretation Center, which is located in the town. There is a watch tower that is present in the forest and this can be a good way to watch animals such as bison, elephants, and tigers. There are few rest houses that are available in and around the town.


The town of Samsing is a very popular destination in the Indian state of West Bengal. This town in well connected to many destinations within the state, and it lies at a distance of around 82 kilometers from Siliguri. Samsing is a hill station that lies at an altitude of 3000 feet. This is a virgin location that is unadulterated and sparsely populated; hence nature lovers and people who want to spend some time alone can visit this hill town and revel in the peaceful surroundings.

While in Samsing, you can indulge in many activities like birding or bird watching. Samsing can rightly be called as a bird watcher’s paradise, due to the many species of birds that can be spotted here. You can spot chestnut crowned warblers, golden spectacled warblers, ashy bulbuls, sultan tits, slaty backed forktails, maroon orioles, grey nightjars, greater racket taild drongos, short billed minivets, and orange bellied leafbirds. These are some of the many species of birds you can spot in Samsing. You can also go trekking in Samsing and this is a popular trekking spot in West Bengal. Trekking routes start from a place called Suntalekhola, and Samsing serves as the base from where you can take a trip to this place.


The town of Murti is located in the Indian state of West Bengal. Murti is a growing tourist destination, and it is a virgin location that tourists who are looking for some peace and quiet frequent. There are not many interesting places or monuments in Murti, which mainly serves as a haven of peace where one can merge with nature. Due to the unexplored nature of the town, there are many adventurous activities that you can indulge in.

Murti is a haven for bird watchers and birders, as this is a popular tourist activity here. You can also take some time off and hike in the surrounding region. Camping out is another popular activity in Murti. You can take a walk through the jungles surrounding the place too. Murti also serves as the base for the Gorumura National Park, which lies very near the region. This park has many species of birds and animals that are rare, and these can be spotted by taking a guided tour through the national park.

You can also explore through the Chapramari Forest and take a trip to the nearby region of Lataguri while in Murti. There are many temples in Lataguri that you can visit.