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Uttarey & Barsey

Famous for its Tranquility and Natural Beauty


Located on the lap of the SINGALILA RANGE in the West and Neydham (Dichenphu) in the north, Uttarey is a small but beautiful and a virgin paradise on earth set amidst the pristine valley. It is surrounded by hill tops, waterfalls, frothing rivers, evergreen forest, medicinal herbs and mountains hamlets.

On the panoramic view of Singalila Range, the morning starts with the soft and lovely golden sun rays on its top so warmly welcoming the day and just in the reverse the evening starts with setting up of the sun passing through the same peak welcoming breezing and freezing night is really a unique and a quite memorable experience one can enjoy in the life.

The climatic condition of Uttarey Valley is so suitable for every tourist visitors visiting from different climatic habitants of the world as is neither so cold nor so hot, but remains so moderate with calm, silent, peace and clean environment and so goes open in all the seasons. Despite the global warming, Uttarey sometimes enjoys with heavy snow fall during winter seasons.

The Kagju Gumpha (Gumpha is the local for monastery) in Uttarey is a highly revered place of worship for the locals and a good place for sight seeing. The monastery is set amidst dense forests. The wall paintings in the monastery might be of interest to you. The Dentam peak and the river is also visible from the monastery.

Other important tourist spots around Uttare include the Mainbus Waterfall and the Chewyabhang Pass. This pass is about 10 km of Uttarey and is the gateway to Nepal.

Sight seeing in Uttarey

Gumpadara -Mangheem Thegu

About 10 to 15 minutes of walk from Uttarey valley, there is a beautiful hill top view point called as Gumpa Dara as well as Mangheem Thegu, where one Kagyut Monastery and one Yuma Mangheem are constructed for worshipping and meditations.

We can have the panoramic view of Singalila Range –Phoktey Dara, Cheewa Fangzong La Pass in the West, Ravangla, Phadamchen and the range of Nathula Pass in the East, Neydham (Dichenphu) Dara in the North and Barsey Rhododendron and Wild Life Sanctuary in the South.

Around the Yuma Mangheem Thegu and the Monastery we find ample of ruined Maaney Stone Relics written in Tibetan scripts. It is believed that the Second King of Sikkim - Tensung Namgyal married the princes Hangwa Mukma daughter of Yoyo Hang , the Limboo King of Arun-Tambar in Nepal, had this the worshipping as well as halting place for their entourage walk to Nepal from Sikkim during 18th century through this valley.

Lameni Pokhari

At the altitude of 8100 ft, 15 minutes of drive and 45 minutes of footpath walking distance from Uttarey, there is a small but beautiful holy lake and a beautiful tourist view point called – “LAMENI POKHARI” around which a mind blowing and entertaining “TENZINNG- HILLARY PARK” to be constructed is being proposed by the local people to the Government and the work also has been under process.

A majestic view of sunrise and a snow clad mountain ranges of Nathula and Jelepla Pass in the East and some part of Kanchengdzonga Range in the North can be enjoyed from this beautiful view point during the clear weather days.

Lameni Pokhari View Point falls in the border boundary of Barsey Rhododendron and Wild Life Sanctuary. There are plenty of wild animals like Ghoral, Deer, Bucks, Wild Boars, Hisped hare, Kalej Peasants, Red Panda and Wild Bear etc.

Lameni Pokhari View Point is an ideal place for Bird Watchers as many species of local as well as the migratory birds are available in the sanctuary. This Pokhari is the junction or the meeting point for all the above wild animals and birds to meet with their thirst one after another.

Kal Kamal Pokhari

In the just corner of Sherpa Village towards Barsey Trekking Trail, there lies a small but beautiful lake on the top of Upper Mukrung Rai Heritage Village, known as Kal Kamal Pokhari and normally the people used to say as Kal Pokhari only. This lake is a sacred and so believing as every people from around go for the Praying and offerings to fulfill their wish.

Chewabhanjyang Pass

Like Donkyela Pass, Nathula Pass, Chorten Nimala pass and Jelepla pass in the Indo-China border, Chewabhanjyang Pass is also one of the important and popular pass in the Indo-Nepal border. The name Chewaqbhanjyang is taken from the old name Cheewa-Fangzong which means “peeping Valley” in the local Limboo language. It lies in the Indo-Nepal border pass, a famous trade route connecting many villages of remote and extreme Western part of Sikkim in India with the remote and extreme eastern part of Nepal.

Phoktey Dara

Located at the ridge of the famous Singalila range, "Phoktey Danra" is famous and unique "HILLTOP HIMALAYAN VIEW POIINT" to witness the panoramic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lotse Mt. Nuptse in the West and Mt. Khangchen-dzonga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabru, Mt. Narsing, Mt. Rathong, Mt. Siniolchu, Mt. Koktang in the East in all equal ranges embracing each other. Fascinating view of the entire "CHOLA RANGE" falls in the eastern part. There stands a beautiful and a holy peak Singalila and down on its lap the aerial view of BARSEY RHODODENDRON SANCTUARY, green and blossoming, a nature’s paradise including the view of Darjeeling, Phalut, Sandakpu , Thulo Dhap Camp site, Deoningaley Dhap Camp site, Nunthaley view point in the South. “Phoktey Danra” has a very extraordinary view point mainly for the majestic sunrise and sunset. For the sunrise view one has to reach there latest by 4.00 a.m. Camping from Kalijhar Camp site. Phoktey Danra is famous also because of its location as it is situated nearby Chewa-Bhanjyang Pass. Further Phoktey Danra is well known as a major Himalayan view point for renowned and popular Singalila Range Eco-Tourism Trekking Trial towards Khang-Chendzonga with its exit point at Yuksam and vice-versa.

Thulo Dhap

This valley is one of the beautiful camp site in the Singalila Range Trekking Trail with its special of warmness, calmness, peace, natural scenic beauty and peeping mountain view of Mt. Khangchendzonga range located within the Barsey Rhododendron and Wild Life Sanctuary in West Sikkim. Many species of Rhododendron like R.Niveum, R.Arboreum, R.Dendrobeum, R. Lecosceptrum etc. bloom here during the month of April – May making this Valley adorned as a beautiful bride enjoying with the chirping songs of the birds. This place is very famous for one newly discovered medicinal plant called as Taxus Vegoda which is used for the treatment of Cancer Patient. This valley is also famous for the nature habitat of the beautiful Himalayan animal Red Panda, the State Animal of Sikkim famous British Botanist Dr, J Hooker and the famous Ornithologist Dr, Salim Ali writer of famous book “The Birds of Sikkim” have visited this area and studied in 20th Century.


Barsey is a place that is situated in the state of Sikkim in the West Sikkim region. Barsey is a popular tourist destination in the region. Trekking through Barsey is a popular activity and one has to trek through four kilometers from a nearby town to reach the place. The path is surrounded on both sides with different varieties of rhododendrons. The Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is popular among the locals and one can see a beautiful landscape when the trees are in full bloom. There are several other species of flora that can be seen here as well and these include pine, oak, magnolia and primula. This is a good place for nature enthusiasts and adventure buffs to visit. The sanctuary is also home to several species of animals. One can see the rare red panda and the black bear in the Barsey Sanctuary.

From Barsey you can trek to Phalut, which is located in Darjeeling. The tough trek can be an exhilarating experience. One can stay at the trekker’s hut that is located in Barsey. This place has a panoramic view of the countryside, especially of the Singalia Range. This off beat destination is must see place for those who are travelling to the region.

Sightseeing Places in Barsey

Varsey Rhododendrom Sanctuary

It lies at an elevation of 10,000 ft. It has a road access up to Hilley. An easy four kms trek from there takes one up to the Varsey Rhododendrom Sanctuary. One can also trek from Soreng and Dentam in West Sikkim. The place provides a magnificent view of the mountains.

Visitors can halt at 'Guras Kunj' trekkers' hut, managed by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. About the valley of flowers of Sikkim, Hugh and Colleen Gantzer, the renowned travel writers have following to say: "We, in Uttaranchal, are proud of our Valley of Flowers, but here it was'nt just one valley, it was entire hillsides after hillsides after hillsides we have marvelled at the famed wild flowers of the Swiss Alps but they paled into insignificance when compared to valley of flowers of Sikkim."

Hee Bermoik

Journey to Hee Bermiok takes about four and a half hours from Gangtok. One can also reach there from Pelling. The main attraction are mountain biking, nature walk, visit to villages, Sirijunga Yuma Mangheem, Sirijunga holy cave at Martam , Mahatma Sirijunga Statue and Study Centre,Chhayatal LAKE (reflecting the image of the Sirijunga Statue), Phang Dorji Falls (Ban Jhankri Falls), Himalayan Botanical Garden Hee Goucharam, Hee Khola Water Garden, Red Panda Gate. The adventure lovers can enjoy two and a half hours trek to Barsey. Apart from having an Annual Tourist Festival, impressive village tourism facilities are available.