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A Jeweled land

Facts about Manipur

Area 22,327 km2
Altitude 2,590 ft
Population 2,855,794
Climate Summer: 31.9°C
Winter: 20.8°C
Rainfall: 57.78 annually
Best Season September to April
Clothing Tropical in summer and woolen in winter
Language Spoken English, Meitei

Manipur is one of the green covered sisters of the seven gem states of North East India and an oval shaped valley surrounded by nine ranges of bluish green hills. It is a place that looks like your dream destination that you would definitely like to retire. Carpeted with dense forests and rolling hills, Manipur is a land that can stun you with everything that it has on offer. This Northeastern state is multi-lingual, and is endowed with distinct classical dance, scrumptious cuisine and traditional aura that fumes like a lighted incense stick in sacred shrines. Manipur is a beautiful destination in India that can both baffle and vivify the travelers.

Sightseeing Places in Manipur


Imphal can be deemed as one of the leading tourist destinations in India because it offers everything from culture to nature, and from wildlife to adventure to all its visitors. You get an energizing feel, while on the streets of Imphal that are thumped and throbbed by lively crowd all through the day. The city is often cluttered with vendors selling quite interesting things to buy like spices, puppets and ngari, a fermented fish. However, you will experience bliss in Imphal as it is also a scenic city that has rich heritage sites dotting it. While here you must visit the wonders like the Lohtak Lake, Red Hill, Kangla Fort and other tourism spectaculars.


Adorned with lush forests and sprawling grasslands, Bishnupur is a popular pilgrimage destination in Manipur. This holy town has many wondrous temples and relics. Here, the pilgrims and travelers can spend time exploring the religious treasures in temples like Pancha Ratana, Susunia Pahar, Dal Madol, Shyamrai Temple and Jor Bangla Temple.


You will for surely feel thrilled exploring Thoubal, which offers a spectacular view of Imphal city and River Thoubal from its highest point. The beauty of this humble town lies in the aligned bamboo trees, and the Louis Lake, where you can enjoy boating. You can also visit the Thoubal Market to buy some souvenirs, and spend a quality time amid nature in the vicinity of Ikop Lake.


This quaint little hamlet, Ukhrul is like a breath of fresh air. This is a picturesque destination that reminds one of an English countryside; in fact, it is certainly one of those places where you can romance with your partner. Ukhrul is also one of the best hiking destinations in Manipur, as it has trekking trails that are so scenic that you may never want to return. While here, there are other picturesque sites to keep one accompanied.


Despite its great loss and devastation due to the bombarding by the Japanese, Churachandpur has managed to keep intact its flawless beauty. Even today, the place is ideal for a vacation in Manipur. Churchandpur is the second largest city in the state and has a deep historical significance. The city preserves a large portion of its rich history in its Tuibuong Tribal Museum.