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Havelock Island

Famous for Swimming Elephants and Unbeatable Reef

Facts about Havelock Island

State Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Area 92.2 km²
Languages Hindi, English
Best Season October to May

HAVELOCK ISLAND certainly towers over the entire experience of Andaman Islands highlighting some major water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling. Glass-bottomed boats brings you an up-close marine life experience. Other than that, there are some interesting jungle treks and camping. Replenish yourself with fresh coconut and some mouth-watering seafood that is the highlight of every meal served in restaurants and hotels.

Sight seeing in Port Blair

Radhanagar Beach/ Beach #7

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and has been rated as the best. The beach is dominated by silver white sand backed by lush green forest that provides a welcoming shade and overlooks the turquoise ocean. There are some shallow areas here where one can enjoy a good swim. It provides excellent coral reefs that are fantastic for snorkelling. One must not miss the spectacular sunset.

Elephant Beach

Further north from Radhanagar is the popular Elephant Beach. The shoreline here for most part was largely swept away by the 2004 tsunami and the beach is a fraction of what it used to be. However, the coral here is doubtlessly the best on the island, making this an exceptional spot for snorkelling. An easy-pace walk will take you through the forest that ultimately winds down to the snorkelling area.

Kalapathar Beach

The Kalapathar beach is located on one corner of Havelock Island. The beach procures its name from the adjacent village called Kalapathar Village and the black rocks that embellish the coastline here. The emerald seas, the tropical forests on one side of the coastline, and on the other side the smooth silver sands and the pure solitude make this beach a perfect place to unwind and relax.